I loved being here. Teachers were perfect, I feel now that my English has really improved. Every lesson was really interesting for me because teachers made them enjoyable.

- Domonkos Csakay, Hungary
Intensive General English

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After your course

Use English to stay in touch!

Keep in touch with your classmates and teachers - don't forget to swop email addresses and phone numbers before you leave. Join the Lake School of English Facebook group or make a WhatsApp group, if you haven't already!

Continue to use the Lake School online e-Learning Centre.

It includes loads of exercises at different levels, games, feedback on errors, a real time grammar clinic and much more. Do a little every day, you'll be surprised how easy it is!

Or try one of these:

  • Download one of the apps we suggest in the Lake School Study Pack
  • Read a book in English
  • Join a local class 
  • Ask us about Skype lessons
  • Find out where your nearest British Council Office/Library is
  • Watch satellite/cable TV or films on the internet in English
  • Tune into the BBC World Service
  • Write your diary in English
  • Talk to yourself in English!
  • Download/stream some music of the bands you heard while you were in England

Further academic studies in the UK

Are you planning to study at university after your course? We can provide advice and help you make your university application.