A very enriching experience. I will definitely recommend it. The sessions were varied and interactive. The tours were insightful and entertaining. My accommodation was perfect. I really felt welcome.

- Henrike Landgraf, Germany
Professional Development Course

Lake School of English and Oxford University

Lake School of English: Home

Welcome to the Lake School of English and Oxford University

Lake School Professional Development Courses between July 1 and August 9, 2019 will be held at:

Oxford University SAID Business School (OUBS)
21 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1HP

Please come to the main entrance at 08.50 on your first day. You will be welcomed by the Course Co-Ordinator: Carmel Engin and Administrator: Luke Doddema.At 09.00 there will be a welcome meeting for all course participants. You will then meet your Course Tutor and be taken to your Seminar Room.

Lake School General English Courses are held at:

The Lake School of English
14 Park End Street, Oxford OX1 1JQ

The Directors, Carmel Engin and Susan Barber, and Jayne Chivers (Accommodation and Welfare Manager) have offices here and will be happy to answer your questions. 

You can make use of all the student facilities in both buildings during your stay in Oxford.

Oxford University Business School

Opening times

The OU Business School is open from 8.00 until 18.00 from Monday to Friday. OUBS is next to Oxford Rail Station and 7 minutes’ walk from the Oxford Bus Station at Gloucester Green in the city centre.


As a Lake School course participant, you will have access to the seminar and student areas on the ground floor of the Business School.


Tea and coffee is available free of charge to course participants at OUBS between 10.30 and 11.00. Tea, coffee and snacks are available to buy from the Cafe in the Common Room throughout the day.

At lunchtime, sandwiches are also available to buy in the Cafe or lunch in the restaurant. In addition, there are cafes, sandwich bars, pubs and restaurants nearby, where course participants can enjoy lunch. Please note that eating and drinking is not permitted in seminar rooms.

Internet access

OUBS has free WiFi so participants can use their own laptop or smartphone/mobile device. Please see information about WiFi access at OUBS in your Welcome Pack.

Smoking policy

Smoking points can be found around in the rear garden next to the ashtray bins. Please use the ashtrays and please do not smoke anywhere else!

Fire and Safety

We'dll give you a safety and security briefing on your first day. In case of emergency, the fire alarm will ring. Please leave the building immediately by one of the fire exits shown on the building plan.

OU Business School Emergency Meeting Point
Outside the main entrance, or in the garden at the back of the building.
The fire alarm is tested every Monday morning at 08.00.

The Lake School of English

Opening times

The Lake School is open from 08.00 until 17.30 from Monday to Thursday, and from 08.00 until 16.30 on Fridays.


The main door of the school is open when the school is open. Please press the buzzer to come in.


Tea and coffee is available in the Student Cafe throughout the day, free of charge. Please help yourself.

Internet access

The Lake School has free WiFi and computer/printer facilities.

Smoking policy

Smoking is not allowed inside or outside the building.

Fire and Safety

In case of emergency, the fire alarm will ring. Please leave the building immediately by one of the fire exits shown on the building plan in your Lake School folder.

Lake School Emergency Meeting Point
Next to the river, by The Lighthouse pub.
The fire alarm is tested every Monday lunchtime. 

Student ID card

You will receive a student identity card on your first day. You should always carry it with you. Write your name, nationality, date of birth, Oxford address and Oxford accommodation phone number on the card and attach a passport-sized photograph. This card will give you some discounts, for example when buyng theatre tickets in Oxford. 

Also on the card, there is a 24-hour telephone number to call in case of emergency. Please call this number, don't send a text message (SMS):

+44 7711 702470 from a mobile phone
or 07711 702470 from a landline.

One of the Lake School staff will answer the phone.


There are toilets in various parts of Oxford University Business School and Lake School buildings.


Please keep your belongings and valuables with you, at all times.

First aid

Please come to main reception in either building, if you are unwell.

Buses and bus passes

There are two bus companies in Oxford. If you want unlimited use of any buses, you can buy a "Smart Zone Card" from Oxford Bus Company Travel Shop in Gloucester Green Bus Station. It costs £5 to buy the card and costs approximately £16 per week.

Hiring a bicycle

You can hire bicycles from several different shops in Oxford, for example Bainton Bikes in Walton St. You’ll also need a lock and you must use bicycle lights at night. Please make sure you are familiar with the British Highway Code. There’s a copy in the Lake School main reception.

Taking a taxi

If you are going home late, please check the time of your last bus. You may need to catch a taxi. They are not too expensive, especially if you share with a friend. There are taxi ranks at Carfax, in Park End St and Gloucester Green Bus Station.