The cultural/social activities were diverse and interesting. Perfect to expand the knowledge and culture of a country.

- Gustavo Casino, Spain
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Intensive General English

On this Intensive course you study every morning and 3 afternoons per week: 21 hours of lessons, in total. Weekly cultural, social or sporting activities are also included in your course.

How many weeks can I study?

You can choose the length of your course. The minimum enrolment is 2 weeks. Most students study between 2 and 12 weeks, some students study for up to 44 weeks. 

When can I start?

You can start a General English course almost every Monday (except school holidays). You choose the date you start and the number of weeks you study. Beginners have fixed start dates.

On your first day, you will have a written placement test and interview to assess your level of English, so you join a suitable class. You may join an existing class. Our qualified and experienced teachers make sure this integration is smooth to provide a friendly, positive classroom atmosphere for all students.

Intensive General English Course Details
Hours per week

21 (see timetable)

+ weekly cultural/social or sporting activities

Maximum class size 12, average 8
Minimum age 16
Maximum age There is no maximum age.
Language level Beginner to advanced (CEFR Level A1 - C1)

Course outline

After you have taken the placement test, and been interviewed, we will tell you the class you are going to join. You will receive the written study checklist for your level of English.

An Intensive English course includes:

  • grammar and how to use it in real situations
  • speaking skills: pronunciation, fluency and appropriacy
  • writing skills, both formal and informal
  • reading and listening skills
  • knowledge and range of vocabulary

Course content

Interactive and focused classroom activities will help you to practise new language in a relaxed, supportive environment.

Practical, creative teaching techniques will encourage you to do your best and get what you need from your lessons. You will often work in pairs or small groups so you can speak as much English as possible.

As well as using all the most up-to-date course books available, teachers also create their own materials and integrate other resources, such as video and the internet into their teaching. 

Personal tutorials

If you are studying for 4 weeks or more, you will have monthly tutorials with your teacher to talk about your progress, your personal objectives and how to make the most of your English language study experience in the UK.

Achieving your objectives

On an Intensive General English course, you will

  • improve your understanding of written and spoken English
  • gain confidence inspeaking, listening, reading and writing
  • develop your use of grammar structure and vocabulary
  • become more comfortable with everyday English.

Learning outcomes

At the end of your course, you will receive a detailed certificate of your proficiency in English, with 'can do' statements showing your CEFR (Common European Framework) level.

Your learning outcomes will depend on your level when you arrive, the type of course and the number of weeks you study. However, even after a short Intensive English course you will make some progress in your English and you will:

  • have a greater range of expression
  • be able to communicate more fluently and effectively in English
  • have a better understanding of British culture
  • have new friends from different countries; our students are adults of all ages and nationalities.

All Lake School students are given access to our online e-Learning Centre for 1 year, free of charge. You can use this while you are in Oxford to support your independent study, or after you return home so you can continue to improve your English.

Exam Preparation

Students who are enrolled on an Intensive General English course may be able to prepare for an English language exam. 

If you are CEFR B1 level or above and are studying for a minimum of 4 weeks (not in July or August), we can help you prepare for the IELTS or Cambridge exams.