My stay was lovely, terrific! Well-informed beforehand and very helpful staff. I loved the sessions on the course, the tutor was amazing and engaging. It was a joy to take part in her lessons.

- Janine Teunissen, the Netherlands
Professional Development Course

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Exam Preparation

Students who are enrolled on an Intensive General English course may be able to prepare for an English language exam. 

If you are CEFR B1 level or above and are studying for a minimum of 4 weeks we can help you prepare for the IELTS or Cambridge exams. 

Internationally recognised English language qualifications

We prepare students for IELTS and the Cambridge exams, so you can prove your English language skills to universities, employers and governments around the world. 

If you would like to take an exam while you are here, we will help you to register for it and advise you on possible dates. 

Exam preparation is a good choice for students who would like to

  • continue their studies at university in an English-speaking country or
  • return home with an internationally recognised exam for their future professional development. 


IELTS (International English Language Testing System)  is designed to test the language ability of people who want to study or work where English is used as the language of communication. 

Educational institutions, employers, professional registration bodies and government immigration agencies often require proof of English language skills as part of their recruitment or admission procedures. IELTS is widely accepted for these purposes and is on the UKVI list of secure English language tests, if you are applying for a visa to study in the UK.

You can take IELTS in Oxford, there are test dates every month. You can take the secure IELTS in London.

Cambridge Exams

Cambridge exams are used to test your ability to read, write, speak and listen in real-life contexts.

You can take the Cambridge FIRST, ADVANCED and PROFICIENCY exams in Oxford. There are test dates approximately every 3 months.

Exam preparation includes

  • familiarisation with the format of your chosen exam
  • techniques for answering questions successfully
  • practice exams and interviews
  • homework and e-Learning.

You can use our self-study facilities and get help from the academic support teacher too.

Exam Support

If you are not sure which is the best English language exam for you, here is some exam guidance

You can also find lots of interesting information about IELTS and the Cambridge Exams at and

Lake School students can use IELTS and Cambridge exam practice material in the Lake School e-Learning Centre. This is available for 1 year, free of charge. You can use this while you are in Oxford to support your independent study, or after you return home so you can continue to improve your English.

English for university and academic success

If you are planning to go to university in the UK, we will help you choose the best pathway for you to progress to undergraduate or postgraduate courses. Usually this means

  • improving your all-round English language ability so that you can approach your further studies and university life in an effective way


  • preparing for an English language exam so that you meet the entry requirements for your chosen course.

The Lake School also provides university application advice for students who want to go on to further education in the UK. Every year, the Lake School successfully prepares students for higher education by helping with their university applications and arranging campus tours or interviews with department tutors.

Exam fees 2019

If you want to do exam preparation, there are no extra tuition fees to pay however you must pay the exam fees. Please contact the school to discuss your study plans before you enrol.

The exam fees for IELTS are £170 or £210 (Secure IELTS). The fees for a Cambridge exam are £175.